Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessment

Helping you to comply with the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992.

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Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessment

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessment services that meet your wellbeing and legal requirements.

DSE regulations recognise the ill health risks associated with working on screens, including computers, laptops and smartphones. These can range from eyestrain and headaches to musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries, such as back and neck pain, due to poor ergonomic posture.

To help you meet your legal requirements, our DSK risk assessment services provide the insights needed to protect employees. As well as the opportunity to create more comfortable work environments, whether employees work from home or in the office.

In person and remote services

DSE assessment homeworking

Any employee using DSE for more than an hour at a time is required to have a DSE risk assessment. Including the increasing number of homeworkers. Our DSE workstation risk assessment is conducted by qualified ergonomic specialists, in person or remotely. With telephone and video consultations available to meet your DSE assessment homeworking needs.

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  • Employee education

    During their DSE workstation risk assessment, employees will be shown how best to use their equipment. This will include how to adjust their posture and the importance of taking breaks and managing their DSE in the long term.

  • Written report

    A comprehensive report will detail issues the employee is already experiencing. As well as adjustments made during the workstation DSE assessment and any recommendations for additional or alternative equipment.

  • Legal compliance

    Our DSE risk assessment ensures compliance with legal requirements. It helps you to reduce the risk of ergonomic and musculoskeletal (MSK) issues and injuries related absence and productivity issues.


DSE risk assessment actions

If the employee is already experiencing an issue, PAM Physio Solutions can signpost them towards their GP. Or other PAM Group health services you might already have in place.


Physio Information Line (Phil) – our helpline run by experienced physios, to give advice and exercises to help employees affected by an MSK issue.

PAM Assist – an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) providing round-the-clock advice on issues including mental health and work-life balance.

PAM Life – our employee wellbeing app featuring expert videos and tuition, including physical exercise and physio tips, based on their individual needs.

We can also seamlessly supply ergonomic equipment via PAM Health our workplace adjustment division. Working with you and the employee to make sure the set-up is appropriate.


Display screen equipment assessment FAQs

  • What is the purpose of a display screen equipment assessment?

    Without the right measures in place, working with Visual display Units (VDU’s) can cause health issues, such as eye strain or neck and back pain. A DSE risk assessment seeks to minimise the risk of these ergonomic issues by examining their workstation and taking into account any injuries, to make recommendations. These recommendations might include using ergonomic equipment, such as safety display screen equipment, a mouse wrist support or an adjustable chair.

  • Who needs a display screen equipment assessment?

    The display screen equipment regulations 1992 requires employees using DSE for over an hour at a time to have a DSE assessment. Our DSE workstation risk assessment will review their workstation, including equipment and surrounding space of their equipment, legroom, lighting, screen, keyboard, chair and footrest. The employee’s role and ability to take regular breaks, whether at home or office-based, is also assessed. Taking into account any existing or previous injuries.

  • Who should carry out a display screen equipment assessment?

    A workstation DSE assessment is a physical assessment of an employee’s workstation set up and surrounding environment and equipment. It needs to be performed by a suitably competent ergonomic specialist. Someone who can identify and report on any ergonomic issues. Plus make recommendations on how to reduce the risk of developing or exacerbating musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders. PAM Physio Solutions experts can also provide a comprehensive report for the employer.

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