Occupational Physiotherapy Solutions & Strategies

Data-driven physiotherapy solutions to reduce MSK related absence and injuries.

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Reduce absence from musculoskeletal disorders with strategic occupational physiotherapy solutions.

Our occupational physiotherapy solutions enable you to identify the key musculoskeletal (MSK) health risks your workforce is at risk from. Using intelligent analysis of your data, we then devise bespoke clinical physiotherapy solutions to keep your people safe and productive.

To establish your MSK prevention strategy, our consultancy and training services team consider everything from ergonomic and socioeconomic factors to key demographics. Helping you to improve workforce health and reduce prolonged sickness absence costs.

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    A collaborative approach

    Occupational physiotherapy solutions & strategies

    We collaborate closely with you to learn and understand your processes and how musculoskeletal health is managed within your organisation.

    We identify the industry specific risk factors and what impact this has on your organisation whilst also identifying any other issues that may influence the landscape, such as the aging workforce.

    The outcome is knowledge of how to improve musculoskeletal health. With clear statistical goals put in place as a baseline and to measure results against.


  • Intelligent data

    Data-driven solutions and prevention strategies start with the collection of individual workers’ health and behavioural data and identification of key risks. We scrutinise the data to tailor MSK solutions that drive measurable, long-term improvements.

  • Clinical expertise

    Our professionally qualified MSK solutions team combines clinical knowledge with a thorough understanding of a diverse range of working environments. They’ve helped improve musculoskeletal health in thousands of workers.

  • Tailored programmes

    Once strategies have been put in place, we support your people with dedicated occupational physiotherapy solutions. A key component is our home exercise video platform, which keeps colleagues motivated, safe and in control.

Musculoskeletal health benefits

Occupational physiotherapy solutions & strategies: the benefits

As a specialist company providing consultancy in the area of musculoskeletal injury prevention, our approach is:

Bespoke – everything geared specifically towards your industry, your organisation’s culture and processes, and your people’s individual tasks

Measurable – physio services and solutions benchmarked against criteria that can be easily monitored and interpreted, meaning follow-up action can be taken fast

Enjoyable – we keep in mind that people need to be motivated to manage their health; our interactive programmes receive high levels of satisfaction amongst users

Cost-effective – clinical physiotherapy solutions mean you benefit from a more productive workforce, with significant reductions in sickness


Occupational physiotherapy strategies & solutions FAQs

  • What is occupational physiotherapy?

    Occupational Health physiotherapy aims to support people at risk of musculoskeletal disorders arising from their work. Warehouse workers stretching and lifting, machinists on the factory floor and secretaries in sedentary roles can all benefit. Physios provide advice on carrying out specific tasks, as well as exercises workers can undertake at home to maintain health. Occupational Health physiotherapists use their expertise for both the prevention and treatment of injury and excessive discomfort.

  • How do musculoskeletal issues affect workers?

    MSK disorders are the source of much pain and injury, not to mention adverse impacts on performance and the cost of absenteeism for employers. Back pain, neck pain, repetitive strain, lower and upper limb disorders are among the most common – but can be prevented with good management and the right training and skills. Left untreated, or unprevented, MSK issues can cause long-term illness, chronic pain or even disability later in life. Which is why it’s important to implement strategies and solutions now, rather than waiting for intractable or expensive problems to arise.

  • How can we keep track of our workforce health?

    Our clinical physiotherapy solutions are devised to empower you to manage your own workforce health strategies. A key focus is on producing meaningful data that drives education, training and upskilling activities around MSK issues. We inform you of developments that help you refine how you use stats to maintain good health across the workforce. And at an individual level, employees can track their progress via our visually compelling online platform that uses smart technology.

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