Ergonomic Vehicle Assessment

HSE legislation applies to driving activities as it does to all other work activities and you, as an organisation, need to manage the risks to your drivers to minimise injuries, risk of driving or vehicle use related ill-health and to reduced stress and improve morale.

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A man driving a truck on the road after undergoing the vehicle assessment.

Ergonomic Vehicle Assessment

Vehicles are considered workplaces for many people.

The HSE guidance recognise that employees who drive a vehicle, ride a motorcycle other powered two-wheeler or a bicycle on the road as part of a work activity are at risk and states that “driving for work is one of the most dangerous things workers will do”. Health and Safety legislation applies to work activities on the road in the same way that it does when working on a fixed site.

A Vehicle Risk Assessment can study all aspects of a vehicle in relation to its set up, size and access, specific to the user of the vehicle and recommend the best ergonomic solution. 

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    Our experts complete these specialist assessments either in person or remotely.

    We do this by utilising an online virtual platform such as MS Teams. This allows us to view the vehicle and the employee, how and what they use and how they position themselves within the vehicle.

    We would want to address the seating, access, storge and tools as a basic minimum, addressing comfort, manoeuvrability, adjustments, and safety. Every individual faces different risks, which may be increased by any existing MSK condition, or being taller or shorter than average.


  • For the employer

    Employers can be assured that the physical risks of prolonged driving are minimised and that employees are fully educated about how to independently manage their own comfort and can take control of their own adjustments within work vehicles.

  • For the manager

    Employees who attribute driving as the cause of their MSK aches and pains whilst working can be assessed appropriately and educated about correct posture, best practice, adjustments to the vehicle and injury prevention.

  • For the employee

    A qualified MSK expert or ergonomist will provide guidance to help make sure the vehicle is set-up correctly to be a comfortable environment to work in and also reduce the risk of injury from bad posture, positioning or prolonged static activity (sitting).

Vehicle Assessments are relevant for anyone who drives as part of their role.

Such as, but not limited to, HGV drivers, home shopping delivery drivers, and paramedics. These workplaces also fall under HSE legislation and should be set-up to achieve maximum comfort and minimum irritation. 

We will review all aspects of the vehicle for a specific driver and will provide a report outlining the best ergonomic arrangement, with details of any manufacturer barriers which may require management intervention. This may prompt an employer to consider an alternative vehicle or fleet or even enter discussions with manufacturers for bespoke alterations to accommodate workforces.



Ergonomic Vehicle Assessment FAQs

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